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  • Cheesecake


    Keto party lovers, how amazing is the fact that you can surprise your loved one with a keto cheesecake in order to support their keto journey? Imagine going to a birthday party, family gathering, office event, baby shower and any event that includes a lot of sugar – with a Keto Cheesecake that serves 12 people.

    Even for the non-keto people, I promise they are not going to notice this cake has no sugar and the taste is dense and just like the “real” thing. Net carbs vary depending on the flavor but usually 6 net carbs per slice. Suitable for keto and non-keto as it will be very hard to tell the difference!

    If you have any special requirement in terms of flavor, please contact us and we will try to make it happen.

  • Keto Bella Crunchy


    Now enjoy real pieces of hazelnuts while having your dessert. This product is thicker in consistency compared to the original smooth kind but the macros are the same. Same ingredients and very powerful hazelnut flavor. We don’t add anything artificial and most importantly – no Natural Flavors! No hidden carbs, sugar or any other additives you might find in the store bought spreads. It is more liquid than what we are used to – just because it contains natural oil from the hazelnuts, and coconut oil that melts at 76F along with MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil. We do recommend to stir it well and keep it refrigerated for at least 2 hours, if you are looking for thicker consistency. There are plenty of ways how this product can be used – in keto crepes with fresh berries, as a topping for keto pancakes, waffles, in frozen fat bombs, in smoothies or our favorite way – from the jar!


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  • Keto Bella Smooth


    Keto Bella Hazelnut Spread is a smooth keto dessert that will leave you speechless! It has all clean ingredients – no Natural Flavors or long list of words you are not able to read. Six high fat, low carb, low sugar ingredients that will trigger your mind that eating this will taste like cheating. No better way to add full flavor to any of your keto desserts.

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  • Keto Donuts


    Keto dessert lovers satisfy your sweet tooth while losing weight! These donuts are made from high quality ingredients that were carefully selected to help you on your keto/low carb journey. They are delicious, full of flavor and can fit anyone’s macros! You can choose from 6 different flavors and the net carbs vary, but usually around 2-3 net carbs per donut. How amazing is that? These treats do not contain any preservatives, the main reason why they are offered for local pick up only.